From the very beginning our company has been based on Polish capital and a Polish research background and it has operated in the sector of manufacture of professional cleaning products for the industry. Our offer includes development then marketing of a wide range of chemical cleaning agents. Our company meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (certified by TÜV SUD) and cosmetic GMP ISO 22716:2014.
Our products are PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) certified. Our products are developed in our own, fully functional laboratory. Our work is based on original formulations which meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Business cooperation

As a manufacturer of professional industrial chemicals we care not only about high quality of our products but also about good business relations. We have an efficient network of distributors operating all over Poland. We are aware of the great importance of successful cooperation and therefore we are constantly looking for new business partners with whom we might pursue common visions of development.
Contact us if you are interested in distributing our products or in a broadly understood cooperation with us.

Expert cooperation

We are also looking for experts who might support us with their work in the field.
Contact us if you are a technical expert cooperating with industry and if you are interested in working with us.